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Te Arai Coastal Development

Considerable effort has been put into trying to resolve this situation so that Renaissance Group (RGL) can extract some value from this asset.  Meetings have been had with Ministers, Mayors, Chairman of the Auckland Regional Council and Treaty of Waitangi negiotiators.  It is complicated because of the number of players involved and the various political agendas and at present there has been no solution available that will return any value to RGL and ultimately, Te Uri o Hau.

Te Arai beach, Mangawhai Te Arai beach, Mangawhai

On the positive side the Environment Court has handed down an oral decision that will allow some subdivision on the site but with a number of conditions, all of which will add additional cost to any development.  A final decision will be available soon after which Te Arai Coastal Lands Trust will look at the options available to it.