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Te Uri o Hau is a Northland hapu with currently over 7,000 members from the Northern Kaipara region.  The tribal gruops of Te Uri o Hau include Ngai Tahuhu, Ngati Tahinga, Ngati Rangi, Ngati Mauku, Ngati Kauae, Ngati Kaiwhare and Ngati Kura.

Te Uri o Hau originally descend from Haumoewaarangi who had traveled down the Kaihu Valley and Northern Wairoa River to settle at Pouto on the Northern side of the Kaipara Harbour. He was killed during a dispute over kumara gardens.

Haumoewaarangi and Waihekeao had five children, including Hakiputatomuri who controlled large parts of the Kaipara and the inland as far east as Whangarei. It is through Hakiputatomuri that Te Uri o Hau descends.

Te Uri o Hau over the years have maintained control of the Northern Kaipara and Te Taou the South. This happened during Ngati Whatua's expansion South.

Currently registered are over 7,000 beneficiaries.

In this section:

  • History

    The people of Te Uri o Hau come from a culturally rich and spiritual background that connects them to the whenua or land within the rohe.

  • Marae

    Te Uri o Hau consists of 14 marae four of which are marae tuturu or ancestral marae

  • TUOH Legends

    The beginning of Te Uri o Hau