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Te Uri o Hau Settlement Trust is the corporate vehicle established to transport over 8,000 beneficiaries from the past to the future.

When the Trust settled its Treaty claims with the Crown in 2002 it immediately went about setting up business units to help reach its goal of having self reliance within the rohe and parity with New Zealand for the next generation.

Business units were established on a needs basis and cover the following areas:

  • Tangata - people health and welfare
  • Taumata - tikanga and culture
  • Housing - own and development
  • Commercial - building the commercial asset base for the future and maximising returns to beneficiaries and marae
  • Environs - leaders in kaitiakitanga

Te Uri o Hau is leading the way in terms of effective provision of services to its people within its catchment. 

In this section:

  • Trust Structure

    The Settlement Trust consists of the main parent body with 5 subsidiaries. The Taumata Kaunihera (Council) embraces the entire trust group and the 14 Te Uri o Hau marae.

  • Our Team

    Office staff of Te Uri o Hau Settlement Trust and its subsidiaries

  • Taumata Council

    Kia mau te Mana, te ihi, te wehi, te tapu me ona tikanga o Te Uri o Hau To promote and maintain the mana of Te Uri o Hau

  • Beneficiaries

    Who is a beneficiary of Te Uri o Hau and what does it mean?

  • Our Trustees

    The TUOH Settlement Trust has eight trustees, who collectively oversee all the organisations within the TUOH group.