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Environs Holdings Ltd

Through Te Uri o Hau' MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) Protocols and Agreements, Te Uri o Hau' Deed of Settlement 2000 and Te Uri o Hau' Claims Settlement Act 2002, Envrions is heavily tasked to ensure that Territorial authorities and government agencies adhere to the Settlement Act and are continually advocating Te Uri o Hau' position in relation to their kaitiakitanga obligation.  These authorities include; Auckland Council, Northland regional Council, Kaipara District Council and the Department of Conservation. 

The following is a list of what Environs currently manages;

  • The designation of Kirihipi Overlay Areas throughout the rohe
  • Protocols with certain Government Ministries
  • Memoranda of Understandings with Local Government Authorities
  • Statutory Acknowledgement Areas
  • Deeds of Recognition Areas throughout the rohe
  • Cultural Redress Properties returned to Te Uri o Hau
  • Changes and amendments to Place Names

Engagement with Environs are generally categorised as;

  • Resource Consent Processing
  • Partnership Projects
  • Technical Cultural advice
  • Project Blessings

Priorities include:

  • Coordinate responses to District, Regional and National plans that affect TUOH rohe
  • Develop a TUOH Environmental Management Plan and Policy framework and Customary Fisheries plan that assigns priority and procedure
  • Strengthen TUOH at a Marae level through capacity building to enable Marae and community to advocate their needs