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Te Uri O Hau Settlement Trust

On the 17th October 2002, the Historical Claims of the Te Uri o Hau were settled by way of the Te Uri o Hau Claims Settlement Act 2002.

The mandated negotiators envisaged that this settlement would enable TUOH to begin a 25 year development plan to enable TUOH people to move away from historical grievances and towards obtaining socio-economic parity with the general population.

The TUOH Settlement Trust, having received the cultural and commercial redress properties on behalf of the people, is now charged with the responsibility of creating, leading and implementing this development.

Components of Te Uri o Hau; vision include:

  • Strong identity
  • Unity as Hapu
  • Self determination
  • Self sustaining
  • Cultural recognition
  • Recognition by public authorities as a provider
  • Commercially viable base
  • Integrated into other providers
  • Strong environmental influence on the Kaipara and Mangawhai harbours

Te Uri o Hau hapu has a strong cultural presence and self determination through its tikanga, commercial activity, tangata development and environmental leadership within the rohe.

  • Deborah Harding

    Deborah Harding

    Acting Chief Executive Officer

    Phone: (09) 459 7001 Ext:3
    Mobile: (021) 714 254