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TUOH Charitable Trustee Ltd

The objectives of the TUOH Charitable Trust is to apply the “capital and income” towards activities and/or projects which benefit Te Uri o Hau.

Activities/Projects include:

  1. Our Business: The TUOH Charitable Services Trust will be an independent and sustainable entity;
  2. Culture: Te Uri o Hau communities will have access to nga taonga tuku iho;
  3. Social: Te Uri o Hau communities will be healthy, housed and happy;
  4. Economic: Te Uri o Hau communities will be enterprising, employed and educated;
  5. Environment: Te Uri o Hau communities will be empowered to ensure conservation and kaitiakitanga in our rohe

TUOH Charitable Trust Values:

    Excellence: Mastery, extraordinariness, distinction, merit and superiority in all we do. 
    Integrity: We will adhere to moral and ethical principles, ensuring honesty and truthfulness in everything said and done. 
    Professionalism: Behaving ethically and setting high standards of service and representation for our beneficiaries. 
    Independence: Objective deliberation and decision making towards empowerment and self determination for our beneficiaries.