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A beneficiary of Te Uri o Hau is an individual who can trace descent from the tupuna, Te Haumoewaarangi (and/or) has tribal affiliations to one or more of the following hapu and is registered on the beneficiary roll of Te Uri o Hau Settlement Trust.

The tribal groups that affliliate to Te Uri o Hau are;

  • Ngai Tahuhu
  • Ngati Tahinga
  • Ngati Rangi
  • Ngati Mauku
  • Ngati Kauae
  • Ngati Kaiwhare and
  • Ngati Kura

By registering you identify yourself as a tribal member of Te Uri o Hau and as a beneficiary you have certain rights of access to various resources and services provided by the Trust.  These include;

  • Assistance from our social services
  • Assistance with housing options
  • Education grants
  • Access to cultural, historical information - specific to Te Uri o Hau
  • Access to environmental services

Registered beneficiaries 18 years & over are the only individuals who  can;

  •  Vote on Trust matters
  • Able to be nominated and/or appointed onto the Settlment Trust board
  • Have speaking rights at annual general meetings