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Malcolm Welsh

Malcolm is a seasoned professional with over 35 years of diverse experience in the dairy sector and beyond. His journey spans from operational roles to executive positions, and governance responsibilities. Having navigated through corporate giants like WSP (formerly Opus International Consultants) and governmental agencies such as MPI, Malcolm has honed his expertise in the intricacies of the primary industries.

His journey has been marked by pivotal roles, including serving as an independent director and trustee at Te Uri o Hau, where he has contributed significantly to the strategic direction and governance of the organization. Malcolm's leadership extends to his current position as Deputy Chairman of both the Te Uri o Hau Settlement Trust and the commercial board of Renaissance Group Limited.

In 2023, Malcolm embarked on a new chapter as the inaugural General Manager of Pouto Tōpū A Trust, a significant Ahu whenua trust situated in the Kaipara region. Here, he applies his wealth of experience to drive growth, foster collaboration, and uphold the trust's values and objectives.

With a deep understanding of the primary industries and a track record of leadership in complex organizational settings, Malcolm stands as a testament to an unwavering dedication and expertise in the field of agriculture and land management.

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